This is a sample of the [scam] email sent from a "John Barry".

DO NOT REPLY to the address (it may be bogus anyway). If you do, you may end up on their SPAM list.

For those interested, a quick Google search with the keywords "mystery", "shop" and "" will bring up a screenload of scams.

From: []
Sent:    Sunday, 13 June 2010 10:00 p.m.
Subject: Your Application Has Been Approved

Your application has been viewed by our customer service and it has been approved. Through extensive background checks, your information has been reviewed and processed. It is a pleasure to inform you that you are now an employee of our company.

Your address and City code has been run through our system, and as soon as we have any duty which you would have to carry out, you will be informed.

You will first start out handling smaller shopping contracts and when you have displayed an ability to perform at an augmented level, you will start overseeing larger activities and this would also mean an increase in your payment.

You will be paid 300.00 New Zealand Dollars on every research information which you record for the company. You will also be given extra funds in a case where by you are evaluating or studying the activities of a place where spending is required by you.

Example is a Restaurant, clothing store, a bar or a situation where by mobility is required by you. Email me back immediately to confirm your interest in being a mystery shopper and I will immediately search for a job for you.

As a reminder:
Every activity of Mystery shoppers remains a secret between you and your employers. As the company reserves the right to every documentation and information which you gather on behalf of the company.

John Barry.